Adding Another “I” to “SPICES” – Inclusion


It's happening all over Quakerdom: FCNL, AFSC, North Pacific Yearly Meeting and even at Pendle Hill, Quakers are looking into the historic and present-day factors that make Quakerism in America such a  “white space." It's a conundrum, given the Friends' prominence in the Underground Railroad, for instance.

This workshop will introduce a system that uses specific criteria to evaluate an organization's level of inclusion and then pinpoints specific actions to improve inclusion in that organization. Friends of African Descent will also present what we want from “white allies."

Dove John is a Friend of African Descent who has been involved with Quakers for 50 years. She graduated from Friends Seminary (high school) in New York City, served AFSC for nearly a decade in the Pacific Northwest and West Regions' Executive Committees and Third World Coalition and now serves on the Friends Committee on National Legislation Annual Meeting Planning Committee. She became a member of North Seattle Friends Church in 2016. She has lived and studied race relations within organizations virtually all her life.