Being Stewards of God’s Will

Developing from a perspective that Christian ethics is based on doing that which God wills for us to do, what does it mean to be good stewards of God’s will—to maintain, make productive use of and deepen our understanding of the will of God? Additionally, in relation to J.J. Gurney’s view on the interrelationship between the will of God and the law of God, what does it mean to be good stewards of the law of God?

Wil Brant is a member of 57th Street Meeting of Friends in Chicago, a monthly meeting dually affiliated with Illinois Yearly Meeting (FGC) and Western Yearly Meeting (FUM). Wil has served on committees and other appointments in both yearly meetings. Trained in Christian Ethics, Wil has taught at Elmhurst College, Friends Theological College, and Chicago Theological Seminary and serves as Director of Gerber/Hart Library and Archives.