Membership - Bylaws 08


SCYMF welcomes to membership local meetings and individuals who desire to participate with SCYMF in worship, ministry, and service as we seek to experience and follow Christ in the manner of Friends.

Membership of Local Meetings. To be eligible for membership, local meetings must be incorporated and maintain good standing under state law.

Local meetings become members through the following process: The first step is to communicate in writing with the Presiding Clerk of the meeting, expressing a desire to join. Local meetings are admitted by approval at a business meeting. Prior to the business meeting, the Presiding Clerk or designee will meet with the local meeting seeking to join in order to answer questions, speak to concerns or otherwise assist in the discernment about membership.

Vicarious membership for individuals. Individuals that are active members of a SCYMF local meeting are, vicariously, a member of SCYMF.

Direct membership for individuals. An individual may apply for direct membership in SCYMF in the following ways:

Option 1. By form. To apply by form, an individual must complete a membership application and deliver it to SCYMF. The application form will require the individual to affirm that they seek to experience and follow Christ, are willing to participate in meetings for business and worship after the manner of Friends, and are satisfied with their own discernment to join SCYMF. The Presiding Clerk or designee may return an incomplete application form. The Presiding Clerk or designee may also recommend a discernment process. Before applying for membership, an individual generally should (a) regularly attend or participate in SCYMF or a Friends’ community of faith if one is available in their area, (b) discern together with persons that are currently members of SCYMF whether they are clear to join SCYMF; and (c) familiarize themselves with SCYMF. Information about SCYMF may be obtained through its newsletter, website, officers, and committees. The applicant becomes a member when their name is added to the membership roll by an agent of SCYMF. A sample membership form is found in exhibit A. 

Option 2. Approval by the business meeting.

This process may be further refined in Faith & Practice.

Equality of individual members. Regardless of whether a member is admitted directly or has vicarious membership, individuals members shall have the same and full privileges and responsibilities of membership.

Communication to members. Mass communications to individual members will generally be by email, or such other method for mass communication that may be adopted by SCYMF. Individual members that do not have a valid email address may request membership communications be delivered to them in an alternate manner.

Designation of inactive status. All members are considered active members unless designated by SCYMF as inactive. The Recording Clerk or designee may from time to time require members (individual or local meeting) with direct membership to reaffirm by a deadline the member’s interest in maintaining active membership. The deadline to reaffirm may be determined by the Recording Clerk or designee, but will not be less than six months. The Recording Clerk or designee may designate as inactive those members that fail to timely respond. An inactive member shall be restored to active status when SCYMF has received a bona fide request by the member to be restored to active status.

Removal of inactive members. The Recording Clerk or designee may remove inactive members from the membership role if the member has been on inactive status for five or more years or if contact information of the individual member becomes outdated.

Renewing or reaffirming membership. Individuals renewing or reaffirming membership may do so by indicating their interest and restating the commitments for membership. The Recording Clerk or designee may develop a form for this purpose.

Responsibilities of individual members. Individual members are responsible for the following:

• informing themselves of the date, place and time of the Yearly Meeting and any Quarterly (Regular) Meetings;

• actively support its mission, charitable interests, and service in its practical work. All members of SCYMF should contribute to the general fund according to their ability and spiritual leading;

• maintaining their contact information so that SCYMF has current and accurate information, including a valid email address if available. Those that are vicarious members through their local meeting should provide current contact information to their local meeting, but are encouraged to confirm that SCYMF has up to date contact information as needed.

Responsibilities of SCYMF local meetings.

Local meetings shall:

• Maintain a list of their individual members, active and inactive, and report this information to SCYMF in a format requested by SCYMF.

• Maintain communication with the Yearly Meeting as needed.

• Send individual members from their local meetings to participate in SCYMF member meetings. This is not an expectation that every individual member  of a local meeting attend the SCYMF member meetings, nor an expectation that each local meeting has a representative at each SCYMF member meeting.


Memberships are non-transferable. Memberships terminate on the death, resignation, or removal of the member.

Resignation/Release of Membership. 

SCYMF shall release from membership any person or local meeting that requests to no longer be part of SCYMF. In the case of a local meeting, the desire to withdraw must be communicated in writing to the Presiding Clerk and must be a minute approved by the local meeting. Individuals (with direct membership in SCYMF) who wish to withdraw from membership should communicate their desire in writing to the Recording Clerk. Financial commitments should be honored whenever possible.

An individual that has vicarious membership in SCYMF may resign membership according to the procedures of the local meeting of which the individual is a member.