Nominating Committee - Bylaws 24


Size of the committee. This will be determined by the Coordinating Committee. It shall have not less than three (3), nor more than nine (9) members.

Special Nomination Procedures.

The Coordinating Committee will nominate all persons on the Nominating Committee. Members of the Nominating Committee, and the presiding Clerk of the committee, will be approved on the floor of the Yearly Meeting.


Throughout the year, members will meet as necessary to fulfill the committee’s task.


• Learn the different officer and committee positions and their responsibilities; review the bylaws, and ask questions as needed.

• Identify the positions that will need to be filled at the upcoming Yearly Meeting; keep a database file that may be used on an ongoing basis.

• Attend Yearly Meeting and Quarterly/Regular Meetings. (Meeting people is part of the job.)

• Seek possible candidates by:

  • Becoming familiar with people in the member’s own church or area.

  • Consulting board clerks annually for possible nominees and/or re-nominations, carefully discerning all reappointments, rather than making automatic reappointments.

  • Establishing communication with local meetings that are actual or prospective members of SCYMF and are unrepresented on the nominating committee.

  • Paying particular attention to new and young people who may be called to serve.

• Invite expressions of interest by:

  • Publishing a job description of each board so that people may consider positions of service.

  • Maintaining avenues by which individuals can make known their interest in serving on a board or committee.

  • Ensuring that avenues for submission of names to the Nominating Committee are well publicized.

• Make nominations by:

  • Following the nondiscrimination policy and valuing diversity, as described below.

  • To the extent feasible, prepare a complete draft slate a month prior to Yearly Meeting, which may be distributed by email to members for comment.

  • Present names of nominees to the floor of SCYMF for approval.

Nondiscrimination and diversity. SCYMF has a non-discrimination policy. The Nominating Committee and Coordinating Committee are directed to comply with that policy, and to value equity, inclusion, and diversity, giving special preference as may be appropriate to those with gifts to serve. We also value broad geographic representation.