Equity and Inclusion - Bylaws 28


Size of the committee.

This will be determined by the Coordinating Committee. It shall have not less than three (3), nor more than nine (9) members.


Throughout the year, members will meet as needed to fulfill the committee’s task.


• Address systemic inequities that impact our members by providing support, trainings, and tools to clerks, committees, local meetings, and members.

• Evaluate the internal culture and the work we do through an equity lens, providing recommendations to clerks, committees, and local meetings.

• Remembering that social change always begins with the people most affected, this committee will advise the Coordinating Committee and the Nominating Committee on filling vacancies.

• Lead SCYMF members and its local meetings in addressing systemic inequities in our communities and in the larger culture.

• Provide consultation related to discrimination and harassment prevention.

• Create and maintain a system for receiving complaints (both anonymous and otherwise) about possible violations of SCYMF’s nondiscrimination policy.

• Identify training opportunities that can help expand understanding of bias, its roots, and how to interrupt it.