Join us!

Do you know about our Annual Sessions meeting, coming up on May 18-20 at Canby Grove Christian Center, in Canby, OR?

We want to see as many people as possible attend our Annual Sessions, to celebrate how far we have come since our formation last summer, to hear about what we are doing, and to participate in decision-making for our next steps together, as well as to get to know each other and worship together.  Annual Sessions is not just for official representatives – everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

We also want to make it easy for you to commit. Click here for a fillable registration form – please complete and return the form to the registrar as soon as you can.  We need to know who is planning to attend because we have a financial commitment to the conference center, so please let us know by May 1 if at all possible.

To pay, either mail a check to the registrar (address is on the form) or log onto Northwest Yearly Meeting’s website ( and pay through the Donate button, using the “Other” option.  Be sure to designate your payment to “SCYMF Annual Sessions registration.”  Paying online will allow you to use a credit card or bank draft.  Please consider checking the box in the credit card area that says: Optional:- Give additional 2.75% to help offset the processing fee. That will avoid NWYM paying for our transactions.

If finances would hold you back from attending, please consider asking for a partial scholarship. We ask you to tell us what you can reasonably afford, and we will try to make up the difference to the extent our resources allow. Please don’t hesitate to ask, because we will have to pay for empty rooms if not enough people register.  We’d rather have you come and pay what you can!  It’s also possible to just come for the day if you’re within easy driving distance, which is much less expensive.

Is there something else holding you back?  Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns that we might be able to answer. 

Be sure to log onto the SCYMF website ( to watch for details about what will be happening as we gather at Canby Grove Christian Center to continue the work of establishing ourselves as a yearly meeting, to listen to God’s Spirit about who we are to become, to create bonds of unity between each other as we worship together, to learn through the workshops and to enjoy music-making around the campfire!