Local Meeting - Getting Started

How do we get started at a local meeting?

  • Candidate must be a member of a Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends (SCYMF) local Meeting

  • Exploratory conversation with the Elders of the local Meeting

  • Complete the Recording Questionnaire

  • Meeting for Clearness facilitated by the Elders

  • Complete a Ministry Packet and background check

  • If clear to proceed with Recording, Elders discern whether the candidate should be Recorded locally or by SCYMF

  • Recommendation is taken to the local Meeting for Business

  • If Recording is local, it is approved and celebrated

  • Notify the SCYMF Committee for Nurture of Ministry that a public minister has been Recorded by the local Meeting


  • If it is discerned that Recording should be done at the Yearly Meeting level, all information and the discernment process is forwarded to the SCYMF Clerk for the Committee for Nurture of Ministry Clerk.NurtureOfMinistry@scymf.org. The local Meeting will name someone to accompany the candidate throughout the process at the Yearly Meeting level.

  • The committee meets with the candidate, discerning any additional work to be completed

  • There is a 60-day feedback period for people to give input about the candidate to the committee

  • If there is clearness and joy, the committee brings a recommendation to the SCYMF Meeting for Business. If approved, there is a celebration of Recording.

Forms for the Recording Process

The following forms help communicate the interest and call to ministry of a candidate for Recording.

Recording Questionnaire

Ministry Packet