Meeting for Clearness

Guidelines for a Meeting for Clearness

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Meeting for Clearness

The elders along with the candidate will conduct a meeting for clearness in the manner of Friends. The structure of a meeting for clearness is as follows.

  1. Gather a group, ideally 5-8 spiritually mature people, to consider the candidate’s recording.
  2. In order to maintain some objectivity, the group should include some people who are not particularly invested in the issue or in close relationship with the candidate.
  3. Find a place to meet that is free from distractions. Allow plenty of time and space to listen to each other and to the present teacher.
  4. Someone is selected to facilitate who will ask clarifying questions, raise issues and concerns, and help to communicate the sense of the meeting.
  5. Ask questions gently and tactfully. Affirm each other and listen attentively.
  6. It is essential that complete confidentiality be maintained, so that all may share freely.

  7. The goal is discernment: corporate clarity about options and direction forward.

  8. If clearness is not reached, it may be best to set aside the issue and revisit it at a later time.

  9. If clearness is reached, present the process and the outcome of the discernment to the elders.