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Bulletin 11.03.2017

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Bulletin 11.03.2017

Prayer Committee
Individuals and groups are invited to send prayer requests to the Prayer Committee by emailing Carol Whorton, who will share requests with the rest of the committee:

Spiritual Care Committee
This committee has been gathering resources that might inform and support care for individuals and groups. An excerpt from a School of the Spirit handbook illustrates the importance and function of care committees: 

Meetings and churches are always under a call to care for individuals within the corporate body. The work of a clearness committee is usually short term and specific, such as to help clarify an intent to marry, seek membership, or make personal decisions. The care committee generally functions over a longer period of time as determined by the complexity of the situation and the needs of the focus
person(s). The goal of a care committee is to provide sustained support, guidance, and accountability throughout the duration of the need.

Click here to access the full document (pdf).
These days I am appreciating, perhaps more than ever, that Friends are my faith community. Friends are my people. Many years ago, in my teens, I walked into a Friends church in Hillsboro, Oregon, and I found Christ. My soul was nourished among a simple, genuine, and gentle people. Being a Friend fit me profoundly, even though I doubt I was thinking of such things at the time. In the ensuing years my journey with Christ has been in the company of Friends. Recently I was asked why my wife and I have continued in the same church for nearly forty years. Before I could think, I heard myself say, “Because these are our people.” 
Being “a people” sounds good, but it isn’t easy. Those in my congregation and yearly meeting are hardly of the same mind of what it means to be a Friend or if it is important to be a Friend. I assume that circumstance is common among Friends these days. That brings me to my point. I am appreciating that it does matter to be a Friend. It does matter to share an understanding of what it means to be a Friend. And my point is one of community – of sharing the journey. The journey is shared because of what we share. So “what we share” merits some close attention.
I feel the value of preserving Friends, as a people, among whom one can find an oasis of faith and life. I am wondering if there is value in an ongoing conversation among those who share that value. The conversation would center on what it means to be a Friend today. It is not hard to find Friends who have a sense that something important is slipping away. Maybe we can identify that and share a life-giving way of preserving it. That is an attribute of a faith community that I seek. A few of us are beginning to shape a local conversation to this end. I also wonder if a geographically broader conversation would be feasible and good.
I need to add another thought because I am wary of the danger of such a pursuit that results in the emptiness of division rather than the satisfaction of a shared life. An observation attributed to Augustine points in the direction I am headed. He said we cannot really know someone by asking, “What do you believe?” It is only when you ask, “What do you love?” that we begin to know another. I think my yearning for a conversation is more about addressing what we love. It is about knowing each other in the company of the committed. It is about being a people.
Shared with permission from Chuck Orwiler

The Twin Rocks Friends Conference Association will meet from 3 to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Reedwood Friends Church (2901 SE Steele Street in Portland) with the aim of reaching unity on a Corporate Resolution (either as originally presented or modified). Click here for the full letter. The corporate document referenced in the letter is available here.

Mark your calendars: The next quarterly gathering will be at Camas Friends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 17, 2018. More information to come.

Eugene Friends Church (EFC) is seeking applications for the position of Pastor, to fill a retirement-created vacancy. EFC is a growing congregation of about 160 affiliated persons, currently part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, but in the process of becoming a founding member of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. We are a Christ-centered, affirming, high-involvement, outward-looking Quaker church seeking to be faithful to the call of Jesus in our community. To find out more about this opportunity, check out for a position description, with links to the full application package and the rest of our website.

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