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Bulletin 12.22.2017

Photo by Michael Paredes on Unsplash
Bulletin 12.22.2017

A short note from Retha McCutchen
To those planning to participate in the newly formed Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends,

I write… You have moved forward into uncharted waters of forming a new yearly meeting; researching and writing things like bylaws, Faith & Practice, recording procedures, budgets along with staffing committees of a new entity. God has given you vision and a path forward. I encourage you to support SCYMF financially in this formation period.

To all of us caught in this restructure yet historically a part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, celebrate this season by remembering who Jesus is.
  • Jesus is love.
  • Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
  • Jesus is ever present in our individual and corporate lives.
  • Jesus is our peace.
We are each called to live into the peace that passes all understanding, to keep our hearts and minds focused on God.
Because we have not filed articles of incorporation, contributions should be made to Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church, 200 N Meridian St, Newberg OR 97132, and designated for Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. Contribution receipts will be issued by NWYM.


The Big Questions
The Bylaws Subcommittee asked us to discern around two questions in preparation for our next quarterly gathering on February 17, 2018. Many of you have gathered in your meetings and between meetings. Some of you have plans to gather. It will be important that we get feedback from your discussions to the Bylaws Subcommittee by mid-January so they can incorporate our collective thoughts and discernment into the document they will present at the quarterly gathering. Heather Tricola, a member of that committee, has set up a form to collect that information. You may also send reflections and responses by email to 

The Big Questions:

#1. Why are we joining together instead of going our separate ways? What holds SCYMF together? (Examples: Common beliefs/theology? Relationships? Friends’ testimonies? Other?)

#2. How should we make decisions that affect the whole of SCYMF? (Examples: refer all decisions to the yearly meeting as a whole? Choose reps to make some or all decisions? Let a specified group make urgent decisions? Other?)

Click here to access the form.

Those interested in discerning whether or not non-NWYM churches will hold kids and youth camps at Twin Rocks Friends Camp in summer 2018 are welcome to attend a meeting on Sunday, January 7, at 3 p.m. at Tilikum (15321 NE North Valley Rd, Newberg, OR 97132). We will enjoy dinner together, so please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. (We will try to accommodate these needs, and will let you know if we cannot.) Please also let us know if you will need childcare.

Click here to let us know if you will come!

Norma Silliman, Camas Friends: On Friday, December 1, Diane Beebe, Julie Peyton and I set out to visit Klamath Falls Friends Church. People at Klamath Falls were looking forward to having us visit. They had recently had a visit from Mike Huber and from Eric Muhr. They were delighted to receive us, and we were excited about the opportunity to visit them, to worship with them, and to get acquainted. I had reached out to the Peace & Social Concerns committees of the churches affiliated with Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends in October, so I was especially hoping to meet them in person.
Saturday, we met Faith Marsalli at the meetinghouse, and I could see so much evidence of the ways God has led them to reach out to the surrounding neighborhood and community. Faith had arranged to meet Peace & Social Concerns committee members for lunch, and after lunch, Art Knight took us to see wildlife and the sight of a Japanese Internment camp in the area. It was fascinating to learn about the history and culture of the area, and to hear about issues that affect the people there.
Social activism is a strong part of the experience of Quaker faith and practice at Klamath Falls Friends Church. It came out in their worship, in the décor of their meeting spaces, in their programs, and in their budget. A few things they are involved in include: raising awareness of injustices related to incarceration; hosting cooking classes and staffing the food bank pantry housed on their site; and supporting Fair trade. They also participate in promoting the community-wide “Blue Zone” health promotion.
Klamath Fall’s next visitors will be Eugene Friends Church people in January. They will be traveling to Klamath Falls to join them in morning worship, followed by a time of discussion and discernment as they contemplate joining SCYMF.

Julie Peyton, West Hills: I've been trying to name, to put language around, what it is that makes visitation such a powerful thing. The important pieces seem to be the visitor seeing and experiencing of Friends on their home turf, and the visited getting to offer hospitality. Something about this work seems to open hearts to each other.
Our visit to Klamath Falls was prompted by Diane Beebe, who invited Norma Silliman, and they both welcomed me along as a third. Faith Marsalli did a great job setting up times to visit with subgroups, and inviting us to share in a post-meeting conversation on Sunday morning. 
Klamath Falls Friends are mostly “convinced” Quakers with no experience outside Northwest Yearly Meeting. We certainly made some new friends, and solidified already-started relationships. West Hills Friends had hosted just under a dozen from Klamath Falls a couple months ago, so I got to visit with several of them and to re-connect. In short, everyone involved benefited, and I hope all were moved closer to the goal of building Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Mark your calendars: The next quarterly gathering will be at Camas Friends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 17, 2018. More information at our Events Page.

Annual Sessions will be at Canby Grove Christian Center, May 18-20, 2018. More information at our Events Page.

Eugene Friends Church (EFC) is seeking applications for the position of Pastor, to fill a retirement-created vacancy. EFC is a growing congregation of about 160 affiliated persons, currently part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, but in the process of becoming a founding member of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. We are a Christ-centered, affirming, high-involvement, outward-looking Quaker church seeking to be faithful to the call of Jesus in our community. To find out more about this opportunity, click here  for a position description with links to the full application package and the rest of our website

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