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Bulletin 08.25.2017

Accounting System
At our annual session last month we named Roger Watson as treasurer for Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends (SCYMF). Roger also serves as the director of finance and development for Northwest Yearly Meeting (NWYM), so his service for SCYMF is on an interim basis.

Cherice Bock and Eric Muhr met with Roger earlier this month to clarify how finances will work for us as a yearly meeting, especially since we exist in name only at this point. (We’re building an organization while we’re also moving forward as an organization.)

Roger has set up a checking account for SCYMF. Roger asked us to name a second check signer. We agreed to have Cherice serve as a second check signer with the understanding that we would run it by members of both the Coordinating and Finance committees. In addition, the clerks plan to bring this action for business on October 7. We might consider formalizing Cherice as a second check signer, naming a different check signer, or naming an additional check signer. 

Roger will seek approval for expenditures from the co-clerks. Although we have roughly $2,000 in gifts, we have no budget and have approved no expenditures. Roger will provide financial reports to the Finance Committee and to others as interested. SCYMF funds have been and will continue to be segregated and used only for SCYMF purposes. Because SCYMF has not filed articles of incorporation, contributions will be made to NWYM and designated for SCYMF. Contribution receipts will be issued by NWYM.

Nondiscrimination Policy
Does your church have a nondiscrimination policy? If not, you might consider talking to a lawyer about creating one. This is one of the easiest ways to formally communicate your community’s commitment to safety. It should be published on your website and in your bulletin where it can be easily found. Most such policies explicitly list protected classes (gender, ethnicity, race, skin color). If you have one, check to see if it also includes people with disabilities, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, HIV status, immigration status. Nondiscrimination policies are one of the ways potential visitors check to see if you care about them. Sample policies linked below:
I was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon, and am currently studying computer science at George Fox. I attended Newberg Friends Church all my life up until a few months ago, and currently attend Newberg Emerging Friends Church and the meetings of the Community of In-Betweeners. I participated heavily in Northwest Yearly Meeting youth programs and camps, including Twin Rocks camps, Bible Quzzing, Youth Yearly Meeting, and the volleyball tournament (my underperformance in which haunts me to this day).

Growing up, I would joke that Quakerism was “Christianity minus BS.” I had a genuine earnestness to believe that Friends, being convinced that the Light of Christ dwells in everyone, could really be people that honor God with integrity in the way we treat each other, even and especially those that face injustice in our world today. Then the last few years happened. I do still have that respect for the ideals of Quakerism. I just understand that it’s hard, and we can lose our way. 

It has been refreshing and energizing to see the way that this group has been faithful to respond to the Spirit’s leading toward something new. I am excited to see the ways in which we continue to listen.

Matthew Staples
Recording Clerk

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