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Bulletin 01.05.2018

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash
Bulletin 01.05.2018


The Bylaws Subcommittee met on Wednesday, December 27, making good progress on the function of the coordinating committee, the nominating committee, and a nondiscrimination policy. Members of the subcommittee plan to meet again tomorrow (and possibly Sunday as well) to work on the function of the finance committee, the relationship between the yearly meeting and its member churches, and to take another look at the nondiscrimination policy.

In addition, the Bylaws Subcommittee asked us to discern around two questions in preparation for our next quarterly gathering on February 17, 2018. Many of you have gathered in your meetings and between meetings. Some of you have plans to gather. It will be important that we get feedback from your discussions to the Bylaws Subcommittee by mid-January so they can incorporate our collective thoughts and discernment into the document they will present at the quarterly gathering. Heather Tricola, a member of that committee, has set up a form to collect that information. You may also send reflections and responses by email to 

The Big Questions:

#1. Why are we joining together instead of going our separate ways? What holds SCYMF together? (Examples: Common beliefs/theology? Relationships? Friends’ testimonies? Other?)

#2. How should we make decisions that affect the whole of SCYMF? (Examples: refer all decisions to the yearly meeting as a whole? Choose reps to make some or all decisions? Let a specified group make urgent decisions? Other?)

Click here to access the form.

Everyone is welcome to help us discern whether or not to have camps at Twin Rocks this summer at a meeting this coming Sunday, January 7, at Tilikum. Please fill out the survey/registration form at the attached link if you have an opinion, and especially if you plan to be there so we know how much food to prepare.

Click here to let us know if you will come!

In the beginning God creates. But not out of nothing, at least according to Genesis.

“Let there be light!” says God. And out of darkness comes light.

But darkness is not “nothing.” Darkness is the raw, chaotic, messy material of life, of stuff, of is-ness. Darkness is neither all good nor all bad but the seedbed of new creation. New beginnings. New life. New light.

Darkness is incubation. Potential. Conflict. Setback. Tragedy. Angst. Imbalance. Wildness. Dreaming. Injustice. Percolation. Tension. Stirring. Bewilderment. Reformation. Death. Waiting. Anticipation. Resolve.

A new year has begun. “Let there be light!” says the voice of God to us, here and now. God gives an invitation: to be co-responsible for the emergence and brightening of this light.

Where are you called, in 2018, to help create newness in your life or in the lives of others? Where are you called to help bring light out of darkness?

Matt Boswell, Camas Friends

Mark your calendars: The next quarterly gathering will be at Camas Friends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 17, 2018. More information at our Events Page.

Annual Sessions will be at Canby Grove Christian Center, May 18-20, 2018. More information at our Events Page.

Eugene Friends Church (EFC) is seeking applications for the position of Pastor, to fill a retirement-created vacancy. EFC is a growing congregation of about 160 affiliated persons, currently part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, but in the process of becoming a founding member of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. We are a Christ-centered, affirming, high-involvement, outward-looking Quaker church seeking to be faithful to the call of Jesus in our community. To find out more about this opportunity, click here  for a position description with links to the full application package and the rest of our website

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