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Bulletin 11.02.2018

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Bulletin 11.02.2018
From the Clerks

Affiliation Representatives
This winter and spring, we are sending out representatives to Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). We want people to go to these gatherings and bring information around several questions:
  • What does this organization do?
  • What are their values?
  • What are the practical steps to affiliation?
  • What are the commitments work-wise and financially?
The meetings are as follows:
  • FCNL in November in Washington D.C.
  • FWCC in March in Kansas City, Missouri
  • AFSC in April in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you are interested in going and representing SCYMF, please email the clerks at

February Task Force
We are forming a task force to help the meetings hold threshing sessions around the question, “What is God calling us to do?” then lead a larger discussion around the question at our quarterly gathering in February. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact the nominating committee.
Membership Queries
We have received several membership requests from people outside our geographical region including places like Montana, Boston, and Kenya. Keep considering how we want to handle these requests and we will discuss the topic at a future gathering.
  • Do we have a calling to be a spiritual home to Friends from other regions who find themselves in need of a faith community that is LGBTQ+ friendly, Quaker, and Christ-centered? 
  • Do we have Friends who are willing and able to have a traveling ministry to these Friends and explore the possibility of, and help set up, a local meeting? 
  • What do we do with Friends desiring dual affiliation with other Friends groups?
Recording Workshops
The Nurture of Ministry Committee wants to send two people to each meeting to hold workshops on the new recording process between January and May. Jan Wood needs to know from each meeting when to schedule your workshop so they can come. When workshops are scheduled, we will post the times and locations in the newsletter so individual yearly meeting members can attend as well.

Quarterly Meeting Minutes
We are gathering the minutes from quarterly gathering and they will be available soon.

Reedwood Friends Celebrates 125 Years

This Sunday, NOVEMBER 4, 2018, Reedwood will celebrate 125 years of active service to the Portland community. Worship service at 10 a.m., followed by a meal and more history of this Friends (Quaker) church from its beginning in 1893 to 2018. Everyone is invited to join us for the celebration at
2901 SE Steele St., Portland OR 97202, 503-234-5017

The meal will consist of pork roast, baked vegetables, tossed green salad and chocolate cake. Please RSVP to REEDWOOD.ORG with the number coming so we will have enough food.
Discussion Task Force

From the Nominating Committee: We are forming a task force to help the meetings hold threshing sessions around the question, “What is God calling us to do?” We will be discussing this at our next Area Gathering, February 16, 2019. We need volunteers for this task force. If you are interested, please send your name, contact information and home meeting or individual affiliation to
“All of us at the table came to this moment from very different paths. We were drawn together by Truth and Love – the searching for them and longing for them. The common ground that we hold dear is our listening to the present leading of the present Christ – right here, right now. It guides our actions and change and growth and everything we do. It includes listening very carefully to the experience of those in our midst, especially people who have experience of being shut out, especially if we haven’t had that experience.”
So began Catherine Olson’s description of the comments at her table in the “What is God calling us to be?” discussion at SCYMF’s quarterly meeting. One hundred and five people attended the event at Eugene Friends Church on October 20th. I found the discussion energizing; it was full of hope, inspiration, joy, wisdom. 
Sue Scott of Eugene had planned it all as a “Conversation Cafe.” I was part of her little task force, but I mostly just cheered her on. In the last half hour that day, the table hosts described the discussions at their tables. Remarkably, their comments generally had these elements:
  • a radical invitation to others, especially the young, the marginalized, the hurting 
  • the why of it all – Christ
  • how we treat each other – with integrity, respect, grace, joy.
  • celebration of what we have done so far 
  • the work yet to be done
As I go over my notes, I was struck by how much those at Catherine Olson’s table talked about so many of these things. The  rest of  Catherine’s summary follows. I give it to you as an example of what the entire discussion at quarterly meeting was like:
“It’s also the act of showing up as a lively quarterly meeting, with enthusiasm. Generosity – showing up with generosity of finances and showing support for people who are local, who are far around the world – that speaks very powerfully into many people’s lives. 
“Curiosity and discovery are also our shared characteristics. And the realization that we are distinctly Quaker, and being able to celebrate that and define that together, as a body, thinking about in the future.
“At our table we all kind of jumped when someone said, ‘I want to be able to be proud to say that I am a Christian.’ I was like YESSSS!!! I WANT THAT!!! So apparently that resonated with me, too.  And we are on that path, toward accepting instead of punishing/dismissing/judging individuals and groups. We need to create safe spaces. 
“We need to keep following that present, relevant voice of Christ with this amazing, life-giving enthusiasm that we have today. We need to define ourselves by what we are, not what we are AGAINST. It requires a lot of continued healing on an individual and a corporate basis. It requires having faith that we can do that healing. It also requires realizing that the healing never stops  - it's not like DONE, CHECK. Instead it’s seeing how healing continues until the emotions pop up and we see how we deal with them. It’s about developing skills, then being able to stand with others – in a very real way – who bring their own pain. 
“Many of us are drawn here by people in community. That is encouraging and should remain at the center of our hearts as we gather.”
Thank you to Catherine and her table! Thanks also to Sarah Katreen Hoggatt who facilitated the discussion. A special thanks to the table hosts, and to all who participated. 
The next query for discussion is “What is God calling us to do?” Is it social justice? Spiritual nurture? Youth programs? All of the above, or something else entirely? What is the Holy Spirit whispering to us about it? The discussion will be part of the next SCYMF quarterly meeting February 16th at West Hills Friends. Come join us.

from Judy Maurer


Quarterly Gathering will be at West Hills Friends Church on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Our next annual session has been scheduled tentatively for May 24–26, 2019.

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