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Bulletin 04.20.2018

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Bulletin 04.20.2018

West Hills approves joining SCYMF
On Sunday, April 15, West Hills Friends approved the following minute: “To expand our opportunities for fellowship, service and mutual encouragement, West Hills Friends meeting chooses to join Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends.” 

Click here to see more information about any of the congregations that have joined Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting.


Register by May 1
Annual sessions are a month away. This is an important time for committees and working groups to meet in person, spend time in fellowship with one another and with other SCYMF people, and put in some good, focused effort regarding your committee and working group ministries. I hope that you can all make it to annual sessions to participate in your committee meetings and in the other events we will be experiencing together.

If you haven’t already, please register for annual sessions.

Click here to register by: May 1
Annual sessions: May 18-20, Canby Grove Christian Center
Committees meet: 3-5 pm on Friday, May 18

Cherice Bock, clerk


Music for Annual Sessions
From Derek Lamson: As I have been invited to provide leadership, so I pass on to you, the active musicians and sound techs of our communities, this invitation to share worship and music leadership at our upcoming first annual SCYMF gathering. Let’s coordinate, plan well, and follow through!

Click here for more information about how to be part of worship through music.


Workshops for Annual Sessions
The quarterly gathering planning committee met last Friday and approved the following workshop proposals for our annual sessions coming up May 18-20 at Canby Grove Christian Center. Each workshop is an hour and a half. There are two workshop times: Saturday afternoon right after lunch, at 1:30, and Sunday morning after worship, at 10:30. We will have childcare during both workshop session times.
  • The Wisdom of Quaker Journals, Jon Kershner
  • Cultivating Justice, Matt Boswell
  • Being Stewards of God’s Will, Will Brant
  • Adding Another “I” to “SPICES” – Inclusion, Dove John
  • Spiritual Drama, Joann Boswell
  • Complexity of Diversity, Tolerance, and the Tribal Mind, Jim Teeters
  • The Business Meeting: We Have the Mind of Christ, Julie Peyton
  • Friendly Water, Global Development, and Effective Altruism, David Albert  

Volunteers for Annual Sessions
We are looking for volunteers to help in several areas during Annual Sessions, May 18-20. Our biggest need is for adults to help with our children’s program. We are looking for several people to volunteer 1-1/2 to 2 hours during the time children’s programming is scheduled. We will need at least one person to assist the children’s programming coordinator, Katherine Spinner, at all times – two people would be preferable. When you volunteer for a shift, please put the hours you are most interested in helping and the age group. For example some of you may prefer not to miss some of business meeting while others may prefer not to miss worship. All childcare volunteers will need to pass a background check and complete abuse prevention training through your local church or meeting. We can assist you if necessary.

We could use a couple more people to assist with the registration table on Friday and the silent auction. We are also looking for help with the epistle. Please let our registrar know if you are willing/able to assist. Fill in the information on your registration form. If you have any questions, send an email to

The Nominating Committee of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends is looking for two positions for the coming year: assistant clerk and co-presiding clerk. If you feel led to either of those positions or know someone who does, please fill out a nominating committee form on the web site at this link:

If you have any questions about what these positions entail, please contact your Nominating Committee member from your church or meeting, or you can email

Thank you. Rachel Hampton, clerk, Nominating Committee

The Recording Process
The Recording Task Force invites comments on a proposed Recording Process. We are looking for big picture feedback, as well as feedback particular to the process as it pertains to the 1) local meeting level and 2) yearly meeting level.

More information can be found at


Any concerns can be brought to the bylaws subcommittee between now and annual sessions. Click here to view the bylaws in their approved form. Reply to this email – – with comments or concerns regarding the bylaws, and those emails will be forwarded to members of the bylaws subcommittee.


I attend an unprogrammed worship service. Our benches are arranged in a circle where all eyes face the center. A few weeks ago I arrived late and took one of the few seats left. Someone had obviously set up the benches in a hurry, and instead of a circle, I found myself in the tail section of an oblong. My gaze went to the person across the way, and only by turning my head could I face the center. This position was too tiring to maintain, and I finally gave it up.

It’s strange how disconcerting this proved to be. But God used it to show me how my life was currently so cluttered with activity and stress that I was no longer facing my center, Jesus. I had become a spiritual oblong. I chuckled and began to recenter.

We practice resurrection by keeping our lives centered on the living Lord, both personally and as a faith community. I love the resurrection story of Mary Magdalene in the garden, head down, distraught, grieving, searching for the body of Jesus. When the Lord calls her name, “Mary,” she looks up into his face, and everything becomes centered and whole. Her life recenters. The whole universe realigns itself.

The writer of Hebrews encourages us as communities of believers to get on with our work for the kingdom of God by fixing our eyes on Jesus. Together we remind each other and find courage to do this.

Look upon his face. Stay centered in him. Practice resurrection.
Nancy Thomas in Fruit of the Vine

Annual Sessions will be at Canby Grove Christian Center, May 18-20, 2018. More information at our Events Page. Register by May 1!

C Wess Daniels is leading a weekend retreat outside of San Francisco at the Ben Lomond Quaker Retreat Center on remixing the Quaker tradition, from June 1–3. More details at

Answering That of God in Every One: A conference for Quaker women from the Pacific and Inland Northwest and beyond and other women interested in exploring Quaker Spirituality. June 6-10, 2018 at the Canby Grove Christian Center. Click here to register online.

Reedwood Friends Church, an independent, multi-cultural Quaker Church, located in southeast Portland, Oregon, and until recently a part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, is seeking applications for a full-time pastor.  We are seeking an experienced Christ-centered pastor who has a proven track record in effective community building and organizing, a strong ability to recruit, supervise and energize volunteers, experience working with cross cultural and inter-generational communities, delivers challenging and inspiring sermons and shows a demonstrated ability to pursue active, continuous personal, professional and spiritual development. For complete job description go to Applications may be made by sending a cover letter, CV/resume, and written statement showing personal commitment to Quaker values and testimonies to

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