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Bulletin 05.25.2018

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Bulletin 05.25.2018
New Birth

Coordinating Committee
The Coordinating Committee met last Friday afternoon at Canby Grove. Click here to read an overview of business covered during their meeting.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Baltimore Yearly Meeting sends greetings on the occasion of the first official annual sessions of your new Yearly Meeting. We are happy to welcome the Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends to the fellowship of Yearly Meetings. Our prayers are with you as you undertake the sacred and blessed work of building a faithful and loving community that welcomes all and affirms that of God in all people.

Click here to read the letter of greetings from Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

On behalf of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, I invite Friends from your Yearly Meeting to join us for our Annual Session, July 30–August 5, 2018 at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. In particular, I ask for your help in extending a warm invitation to Friends who feel led to visit as part of our Intervisitation Program. The theme for the 2018 Annual Session is Radical Listening, Rooted in Love.

Click here to read the letter of invitation from Baltimore Yearly Meeting.


Amended & Approved Bylaws
Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends is an Oregon nonprofit religious corporation. This corporate organization is comprised of individual members, affiliated churches (local meetings), and the individual members thereof. It is also commonly known as Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting, Yearly Meeting, and SCYMF.

Click here to see the SCYMF bylaws, amended and approved on Saturday, May 19.


Complexity of Diversity, Tolerance, and Group-think
At the end of his workshop this last weekend – The Complexity of Diversity, Tolerance and Group-think – Jim Teeters asked the group to discuss and then report on how we can move from tolerance to love. Participants developed the following list:
  1. Acceptance first: Start where the other person is – no expectations
  2. Put assumptions aside: Give up the guess work – really get to know the person
  3. Get people together: Get people together that usually wouldn't be together
  4. Everyone has something to teach me: Be open to learn from others
  5. Engage in active relationships: In other words, move forward and toward people
  6. Model behavior you want to see in others: Demonstrate Quaker SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship)

I am enjoying the beginnings of summer. The scents of fresh flowers and smoky BBQs. The warm days and the cool evening breeze. The extra wake-up help from light pouring through the window in the morning and the extended evenings allowing for post-kids-in-bed tennis.

It feels like a season of emergence. Of new birth. The early church experienced a kind of emergence or birth upon the Holy Spirit’s coming (Acts 2). And as the apostle Paul would later write, there is often something painful about this Spirit-guided emergence that produces "groans" and "sighs" (Romans 8:22-26).

Can you relate to this, personally? What is something that is being “birthed” in you right now, something emerging or taking shape? In what ways is this emergence exciting and hopeful? In what ways is it painful?

I once saw a sign while hiking in China (my home for ten months from 2009-2010) that cautioned hikers to not disturb the vegetation. Its translated version read: “don’t touch plants, they feel pain, like you.”

I am still not sure what to make of that. Do plants groan and sigh? I really don't know how painful it is to be a plant. But it’s often quite painful being human, especially in seasons of transformation. Change. Growth. Healing. Waiting. New birth.

Matt Boswell, Camas Friends


Click here for June 2018 news from the Ben Lomond Quaker Center.

C Wess Daniels is leading a weekend retreat outside of San Francisco at the Ben Lomond Quaker Retreat Center on remixing the Quaker tradition, from June 1–3. More details at

Answering That of God in Every One: A conference for Quaker women from the Pacific and Inland Northwest and beyond and other women interested in exploring Quaker Spirituality. June 6-10, 2018 at the Canby Grove Christian Center. Click here to register online.

Dove John, North Seattle Friends Church, attended the following gathering at Pendle Hill, representing the Nakani Native Program, formerly the American Friends Service Committee Northwest Indian Program – Truth and Healing: Quakers Seeking Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples, held May 3-6, 2018. Dove is willing to report on this gathering to interested churches/meetings. Contact Dove John, North Seattle Friends Church, or 206-525-8800 to make arrangements.

Reedwood Friends Church, an independent, multi-cultural Quaker Church, located in southeast Portland, Oregon, and until recently a part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, is seeking applications for a full-time pastor.  We are seeking an experienced Christ-centered pastor who has a proven track record in effective community building and organizing, a strong ability to recruit, supervise and energize volunteers, experience working with cross cultural and inter-generational communities, delivers challenging and inspiring sermons and shows a demonstrated ability to pursue active, continuous personal, professional and spiritual development. For complete job description go to Applications may be made by sending a cover letter, CV/resume, and written statement showing personal commitment to Quaker values and testimonies to

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