Participation of a Support Team

At first meeting with high school juniors:

  • Review Truth about Military Recruiters’ Claims and general information on Conscientious Objection.
  • Discuss the questions on the “Worksheet on War Objection.” Talk through people’s thoughts about war and conscientious objection.
  • Answer any questions about the worksheet.
  • Let young people know you will be meeting again in two months. Tell them to be prepared to bring the following to the second meeting:
    • Outline of answers to questions on the “Worksheet on War Objection,” or a written “Statement of Conscientious Objector Status” answering those questions.
    • List of possible references.

Two weeks before second meeting, send reminder to young people . Ask them to bring the above-stated items.

At second meeting, two months later:

  • Discuss statements, or answers to “Worksheet on War Objection” questions.
  • Talk to them about their ideas for references.

Assist individual young people with presenting their statements to the monthly meeting.

Appoint someone to follow-up with each young person one month before their 18th birthday. Encourage them to get their support letters gathered, if they have not already. (See Guidelines for Support Letters).