Transfer of Recording & Licenses – Approved

Process for Transfers:

1) SCYMF intends to receive the

A) existing Recordings/licenses of current NWYM/WARSF ministers; and,

B) ministers who are a part of NWYM/WARSF congregations whose congregations are joining SCYMF but whose recording is held in other Yearly Meetings; and,

C) to reinstate ministers who released their recording because of inconsistency with NWYM Faith and Practice due to a conviction affirming the full participation of LGBTQ+ members in the life of the Meeting.

2) Congregations joining SCYMF will originate the transfer by writing a minute of transfer from either the Elders or the Monthly Meeting.

A) Independent congregations leaving NWYM whose Ministers want their Recording held within SCYMF can originate the transfer by writing a minute of transfer from either the Elders or the Monthly Meeting.

B) Ministers who are active in ministry in NWYM but whose congregations are not transferring to SCYMF can select an anchor committee/clearness committee (which may include leadership of the NWYM congregation) to initiate the minute of transfer.

3) SCYMF will receive these transfer requests and issue Recording certificates/licenses effective June 30, 2018 or at the time of restructuring.

4) SCYMF Annual Sessions will host a celebration recognizing the recording of these ministers.

5) In order to participate in the Recording Celebration during Annual Sessions May 18-20, 2018, minutes of transfer should be submitted to SCYMF Presiding Clerks by May 1.

6) Future transfers of Recording will be processed in a timely manner and celebrated at the next Annual Session.

***The process for Recordings Transfers should be circulated among affected ministers/Meetings as soon as possible so that each Meeting can design a framework for forwarding minister’s names on to SCYMF at the local level that is as thorough as deemed fruitful by the local meeting.


Request for a Minister’s License

Upon receiving a request from a local church that is part of SCYMF, the Committee for the Nurture of Ministry will issue a Minister’s License. The church should submit basic contact information, the nature of ministry, and their affirmation of the minister/ministry as part of the request.

In general a Minister’s License is granted for short term needs or to someone who requires a license before completing the Recording process.