Local Recording Process – Proposed

Proposal for Recording a Minister by the Local Meeting

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Recording Process Checklist

Step Description Responsibility Completed?
Identifying an Empowered Public Ministry Recording occurs after a person has been faithful to his/her call to public ministry and the fruit of that faithfulness is clear to others. The discerning conversations exploring recording may be initiated by either the candidate or the candidates' spiritual community. The first formal step would be to complete a Recording Questionnaire and ask the Elders for a Meeting for Clearness. Candidate, Elders
Meeting for Clearness Elders and the candidate conduct a Meeting for Clearness to consider the appropriateness of this request and hears the candidate's story. Elders and Candidate
Ministry Packet Candidate completes a Ministry Packet and a background check and submits it to the Elders Candidate, working with a member of the clearness/support group
Decision Elders reviews the Recording Questionnaire, the outcome of the Meeting for Clearness, the Ministry Packet, and the background check. At this point, the Elders decide whether a) to decline proceeding with recording; b) have further conversations and discernment with the candidate; c) issue recording from the local church; or d) to move forward with the recording by Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting Elders
Recorded by Local Meeting If the candidate and the elders discern that the recording is most appropriate to be issued by the local meeting, the recommendation is brought to Monthly Meeting for approval and the process is completed Monthly Meeting