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Bock, Cherice [sq] 2014.jpg

Cherice Bock, co-clerk

The church is in an important period of reformation, I believe. We are just one small part of it, and there are many feeling the pull to a radically inclusive, loving, justice-filled, Spirit-led, creative, joyful and hopeful community, solidly grounded in Christ. I feel we are in line with the work of the the Present Teacher in the world right now. May we be faithful. I am excited to begin this new venture with all of you.

Muhr, Eric [sq] 2014.jpg

Eric Muhr, co-clerk

I hope we are willing to take risks. I hope we can embrace the challenges along the way. I hope we are confident in who God is calling us together to be. I hope we are humble enough to say we’re sorry every single time someone gets stepped on or left out or unnecessarily endangered. I hope we learn a lot. I hope we have fun just being together.

Kershner, Jon [sq].jpg

Jon Kershner, assistant clerk

Staples, Matthew.jpg

Matthew Staples, recording clerk