YM Recording Process – Proposed

Proposal for Recording a Minister by Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends

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SCYMF Recording Process

Step Description Responsibility Completed?
Recording by Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting If it is discerned that there is a desire and usefulness to be recorded by the Yearly Meeting, then the next steps of the process continue with the Sierra-Cascades' Committee for the Nurture of Ministry.*
Psychological Evaluation The materials from the local Meeting are forwarded onto the Committee for the Nurture of Ministry with a summary statement from the local elders about their discernments during their process. The Nurture of Ministry Committee orders a psychological evaluation (est. $600 paid by the Yearly Meeting) and candidate completes the evaluation.** Committee for the Nurture of Ministry and Candidate
Meeting with Nurture of Ministry Committee The Committee for the Nurture of Ministry, the Candidate and a person from the local clearness committee meet together for a culmination interview/s to have clarity around the Spirit's Leading. Nurture of Ministry Committee, Candidate, and accompanying Elder
Feedback Period The committee then initiates a 60-day period in which folks can give feedback to the committee. These may include positive affirmations and testimonials, cautions and concerns, or reports of problematic behavior. The author of the feedback must identify themselves and give contact information in case further conversation were needed. However, the content of these messages would be held in confidentiality by the committee to be shared only with the candidate and the candidate's accompanying elder. Open to All
Sierra-Cascades Decision At the end of the 60-day period, if there is clearness and joy, the decision to Record the candidate is minuted and sent forward to the next Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting gathering.
Recording by Sierra-Cascades Nurture of Ministries Committee brings the recording recommendation to the Yearly Meeting. If approved by the Yearly Meeting, then the candidate’s recording is held in the minutes. Elders, Yearly Meeting
Celebration The Yearly Meeting hosts a celebration to announce and recognize the recordings of all those Recorded by a local meeting and those Recorded by the Yearly Meeting in the previous year. Annual Sessions

* For those who are not in a church that is part of SCYMF or are not attending a Friends Church, but would like to be recorded by SCYMF, you will need to gather an Anchor Committee to serve in the roles given to the Elders, Meeting for Clearness, and Monthly Meeting in this document. The Anchor Committee will be responsible to walk with the candidate throughout this process.

** While SCYMF Committee on Nurture of Ministry does not recommend local meetings include psychological testing in the recording process at the local level, if a local meeting does proceed to have those they are recording take psychological testing, we hope they will use great care in selecting a tester and person to interpret the tests. They should find someone who is experienced in testing people in ministry.