Committees & Working Groups

The Abuse Prevention Taskforce exists to make sure that there is a culture of abuse prevention within Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. This includes crafting an abuse prevention policy to protect children and vulnerable individuals at SCYMF functions and events, making sure the policy is being followed, reviewing the policy annually, and working alongside SCYMF leadership to handle reports of any abuse thoroughly.

Jade Souza, Camas

Mark Pratt-Russum, West Hills

Abuse Prevention Task Force


This committee works closely with yearly meeting clerks to coordinate the efforts of all our committees and working groups. If your meeting is interested in joining Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends, please contact Joann Boswell or email the whole committee:

Cassie Arrigotti Hwa, Eugene/In betweeners

Chuck Fairchild, Eugene

Joann Boswell, Camas

Judy Maurer, Eugene

Terri Beardsley, West Hills

Wendy Davenport, North Seattle

Peggy Hanson, Newberg Emerging

Equity & Inclusion

This committee, empowered to act for equity and inclusion, encourages Friends across Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting to prayerfully reflect on the following queries: 

  1. Are our meetings places of safety and welcome for people of color?

  2. How are the structures within our monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, and yearly meeting addressing systemic racism?

  3. What are ways your meeting can actively promote racial justice in your local community? Are there other local organizations or activists already doing the work with whom your meeting could partner with and support?

  4. Am I living a life that testifies to the evil of white supremacy? Am I willing to learn from past mistakes, omissions, and ways I’ve noticed racism within myself?

Cassie Arrigotti Hwa, Eugene/In betweeners

Caydan Glenn, Unaffiliated

Cecilie Hudson, North Seattle

Dove John, North Seattle

Eli Craig, North Seattle

Promise Welkin Partner, North Seattle

Our collective direction to the Faith & Practice Committee is that we would like to be a yearly meeting with a Faith & Practice as a living document, which is descriptive, aspirational, and procedural, leading us toward wholeness and reconciliation.

Julie Peyton, West Hills

Anna Baker, North Valley

Bob Rader, Silverton

David Peyton, West Hills

Derek Lamson, Eugene

Elizabeth Price, Eugene

John Price, Eugene

Helen May, Camas

Jade Souza, Unaffiliated

Jedidiah Abdul Muhib Carosaari, North Seattle

Judy Maurer, Eugene

Leslie Logan, West Hills

Marie Matsen, Eugene

Ron Myers, Camas

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, Unaffiliated

Faith & Practice


This committee commissions regular financial reports from the treasurer, receives budget requests from committees and working groups, and makes recommendations to the larger yearly meeting.

Beth Oppenlander, North Seattle

Dave Cundiff, Olympia

Diane Beebe, West Hills

Stan Muhr, Silverton


This committee will accept nominations to committees, working groups, and for yearly meeting officers – presiding clerk, assistant presiding clerk, recording clerk, and treasurer. Efforts are made to have representation from every church. A list of nominees is presented to the larger yearly meeting at annual sessions. Nominations are for one- to three-year terms. Complete our on-line form to make a nomination.

Carolyn Myers, Camas

Faith Marsalli, Klamath Falls

Patty Federighi, North Seattle

Rachel Hampton, West Hills

Nurture of Ministries

The Committee for Nurture of Ministries is tasked with the development, recognition and nurture of public ministries for Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. While the committee fulfills the traditional role of maintaining the processes of recording and licensing of public ministries, it also is the entity that gives particular care and creative attention to the development and nurture of persons called into public ministry. Contact Jan Wood for more information.

Anna Baker, North Valley

Jan Wood, North Seattle

Johan Maurer, Eugene

Lorraine Watson, North Seattle

Ruthie Tippin, Camas

People Care

This committee is focused on

  • Reaching people interested in being part of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends but who are unaffiliated or in churches that are splitting;

  • Focus both outward and inward work – outward to people who are not part of one of the churches leaving Northwest Yearly Meeting, and inward to people who may feel alienated or unconnected;

  • To learn how people need support and to help connect them to the right resources as possible;

  • Foster healthy connections between individuals and meetings;

  • Help people process events and emotions, to encourage story telling;

  • Provide resources online and in person (these might be articles, books, workshops, retreats, facilitated groups, one on one, art therapy). Self care is important. Click here for a collection of spiritual care resources gathered by this committee.

If you as an individual are interested in joining Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends, please contact Norma Silliman.

Becky Wood, North Seattle

Norma Silliman, Camas

Ruba Byrd, West Hills

Sue Scott, Eugene


This committee provides ongoing prayer support for the people, churches, and work of Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. Requests for prayer can be shared with the committee members by email:

Carol Whorton, Klamath Falls

Diane Beebe, West Hills

Faith Marsalli, Klamath Falls

Johan Maurer, Eugene

Judy Maurer, Eugene

Juulie Downs, Camas

Kendra Purcell, Camas

Patty Federighi, North Seattle

Tiffany Graham, Newberg Emerging

Quarterly Gathering

This committee facilitates logistics and planning for our large group gatherings, so that the Coordinating Committee doesn’t have to handle the details. As time permits, each gathering could have several elements: worship, community-building, business, spiritual development / education, creativity, and play. Our early gatherings may have a lot of decisions to deal with, so the business component may be more prominent. Since we are early in the process of learning who we are and want to be as a body, the community-building and envisioning piece is also essential. As we get more organized, there may be more educational content around Quaker process and values, as well as some experiential spiritual development activities, creative exploration, and fun.

Rachel Hampton, West Hills

Sue Fairchild, Eugene

Vicki Stave, Eugene

Meg Rice, West Hills

Eli Craig, North Seattle


This working group is made up of individuals dedicated to walking alongside youth and helping them to coordinate events and gatherings throughout the year. This group also provides advocacy as needed in order to ensure representation of youth and young adults on all our committees and working groups.

Braden Tricola, Camas

Griffin Toffler, Klamath Falls

Heather Tricola, Camas

Mark Pratt-Russum, West Hills

Vicki Stave, Eugene